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Welcome to online registration for the Nebraska State Fair 4-H and FFA shows! Please note:

  • 4-H and FFA Livestock Deadline: 8 p.m. Central on August 10.
  • 4-H In-Person Events (contests, fashion show, etc.): 8 p.m. Central on August 10.
  • 4-H Static Exhibit Deadline: noon on August 20. ENTERED BY COUNTY STAFF
  • FFA Static Exhibit Deadline: noon on August 20.
  • NEW in 2019: Each exhibitor may purchase one (1) discounted 11-day exhibitor pass. Family members may purchase regularly priced 11-day passes. The discounted passes are listed on the "additional items" menu near the end of the registration process.
  • Swine exhibitors: Please have your PQA# and Premise ID handy.
  • FFA Showmanship: FFA exhibitors must register for showmanship online. Look for the "FFA: Showmanship" department. Deadline is Aug. 20.
  • 4H Showmanship: 4H exhibitors will be automatically entered into Showmanship for each livestock species they enter livestock for.
  • Step-by-Step Instructions: Download printable instructions for online registration.
  • Rules and Regulations: For more information for both 4-H and FFA exhibitors, go to the Nebraska State Fair website.

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